Lifestyle Newborn Session - Baby K

Newborn sessions are probably one of the most common inquiries I get! There are so many options for newborn photos - studio, lifestyle, fresh48... I specialize in the last two which sometimes require a bit of explaining.

Lifestyle newborn sessions take place in your home where you are most comfortable. We can use any space you'd like: the living room, baby's nursery, your bedroom. For in-home photos, I recommend booking your session for mid morning/early afternoon, when the sun is the highest and brightest (complete opposite of what I recommend for outdoor photos). Keep your wardrobe comfortable and neutral, these sessions are all about documenting your sweet little family and your interactions with one another.

And girl, please don't worry about making sure your house rivals Mr Clean's. As a mama of two (one being almost 8 months old) there is ZERO judgment over here (Kids = mess)! Just do a quick tidy of the spaces we'll be using and clear off any visible surfaces for clutter-free photos. Pro tip: get an empty laundry basket and dump everything in there until later!



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